Pouring Her Heart into Cooking

"Shortly after my husband, Glenn, and I were married, I decided to fix his favorite supper—pot roast with gravy and all the trimming," recalls Murle Langton of Denver, Colorado. "Even though I was a new bride, I came from a family of great cooks and was eager to try my hand at this big meal.

"Everything looked and smelled great. I set out the food in pretty dishes, including one shaped in a ring for the beef gravy.

"After being seated, Glenn picked up the gravy dish. As he tipped it to pour some gravy, the entire contents flopped out onto his plate—molded like a perfect ring of Jell-O!

"Without saying a word, he took his fork and knife and proceeded to carve my gravy! He was laughing the whole time, but I burst into tears, disappointed that I had obviously over-thickened it.

"I'm happy to say that I definitely broke the mold when I served up that unique sliceable gravy. After 50-plus years of marriage, I've long since mastered the art of making the pourable kind!"