Mushy Mix-Up

SINCE Easter and Passover occur at the same time of year, I planned an Easter menu and decided to include a dish enjoyed by my friends at their traditional Passover meal, too.

I asked them for instructions on how to prepare chicken-and-matzo-ball soup. I was told to simmer the chicken, drain the broth into a pan, then add the matzos to the broth.

My husband was helping me out in the kitchen. I asked him to drain the potatoes, which were ready to be mashed. As he drained the pot, he noticed that the liquid was an odd color and told me the potatoes looked awfully mushy.

You guessed it! The long-simmering chicken broth went down the drain, and we were left with undrained potatoes and mushy matzos. —Marilyn McLaughlin, Massapequa, New York