Bouncing Pancakes

"As a young bride, I was eager to show my husband that I could prepare his favorite foods," recalls Donna Marie Mead, Ogema, Saskatchewan. "One thing he especially liked, that I didn't care for, was pancakes.

"One day, I thought to myself, 'Just because I don't like pancakes doesn't mean I can't cook them.'

"So I gathered all the ingredients and following the recipe, I whipped up a batch for my husband.

"As I presented them to my new spouse, I smiled. I watched as he ate, waiting to hear the words that would tell me I had fared well.

"Smiling like a perfect gentleman all the while he ate, he told me how good they were. I was elated. Still, I wondered why he ate only three.

"After the meal, I gave our dog a leftover pancake. My husband and I went into the living room. Suddenly we heard a banging in the kitchen. I ran in to see the dog wrestling with the pancake.

"Every time he tried to sink his teeth into it, the pancake sprang up and smacked him in the nose. He barked and kept trying to corner it. The pancake continued to bounce and pounce at him.

"Picking up the pancake, I dropped it from waist height…and sure enough, it bounced. I was mortified!

"Turning to my husband, I said, 'I thought you liked them.' Being careful so as not to hurt my feelings, he grinned and said, 'They were a bit tough.'

"Watching the dog still trying to catch his snack, we both broke out laughing. I've come to think that my effort wasn't a total loss—I believe I may have reinvented rubber!"