A Thorough Screening

AT CHRISTMASTIME one year, I decided to do my annual holiday cookie baking with my new mixer. After making 13 varieties of Italian cookies, I gave the mixer a thorough cleaning and discovered that a screw was missing.

My husband thought I should throw out all the cookies, fearing someone would swallow the screw or break a tooth on it. But I didn't want to see all my hard work go to waste.

Suddenly, I got the idea to call the local airport and ask if I could pass my cookies under the detection device to locate the screw. My husband thought the idea was screwy, but the airport security person said to bring them in.

It turned out to be an excellent idea. As the cookies, in resealable plastic bags, passed through security one bag at a time, we finally discovered the bag containing the cookie with the screw.

That was years ago, but to this day, the cookie with the screw in it remains held by a magnet to the front of my refrigerator!—Jo Anne Stellato, Rome, New York