A Nutty Addition

"One day when I was a teenager, I was hungry for chocolate chip cookies," remembers Carmen Walthour of Ashland, Ohio. "After mixing the batter and adding the chips, I decided I'd also like to put in some nuts.

"Knowing that my mom kept nuts in the freezer, I rummaged around until I found a freezer bagful. I stirred the contents into the batter and baked the cookies. They looked and smelled great.

"When my tempting treats came out of the oven, I tried one…and wondered why they were so chewy. I decided the nuts must have been stale and didn't give it another thought until later.

"When the rest of the family began to sample the cookies, they all made the same comment, that the cookies seemed unusually chewy.

At that point, my mom asked me how I'd made them. When I got to the part about the nuts, she responded, 'I don't have nuts in the freezer. You must have used my browned ground beef!'

"We all had a good laugh that day over my meaty cookies. Eating one was like having the main dish and dessert at the same time!"