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Take a peek inside Taste of Home
February/March 2015!

In this issue:

  • Homemade from the Heart. For these readers, family get-togethers mean lots of fun and a best-loved dish—one that could become a must at your house, too.
  • The Slow Cooker Scores Big. Grab a seat. These hands-off recipes make your slow cooker game day's undisputed MVP.
  • Cake Charmers. Love every fluffy layer, pretty glaze and forkful of frosting. Time-honored cake recipes get a modern revival.
  • Healthy & Comfy. Kitchens filled with steamy soups, cozy chili and satisfying pastas mean those wintertime shivers don't stand a chance.

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Take a peek inside Simple & Delicious
April/May 2015!

In this issue:

  • Getting Eggy. Whipped, scrambled or deviled, eggs get the VIP treatment just in time for Easter brunch.
  • Fast Food. Ditch the drive-thru and take back dinnertime. Homemade awesomeness that's ready in 30 minutes flat? Now, that's a value meal.
  • Spring Chicken. No matter how it shows up at the table, chicken's your favorite weeknight ingredient. Wing it with prizewinning recipes that prove why it's the undisputred star of mealtime.
  • Made by Mom. She whisks and swirls, sears and bakes, and always sprinkles on the love. Readers celebrate the first cook they ever knew—their mom—by sharing her best simple recipes.

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