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Celery Seeds

It takes more than one-half million celery seeds to make a pound. But don't be fooled by the size of this tiny seasoning!

Chili Powder Recipes Photo

Chili Powder

ALONG with salt and cinnamon, chili powder is probably the most common seasoning found in American kitchens. It spices up steaming bowls of chili on cold winter evenings but can also add zip to eggs, snacks, soups and stews.


Unlike many herbs in history, chives didn't attract a lot of attention early on. Their lanky grass-like leaves didn't boast any medicinal value, although some people believed that chives could drive away evil.


The citrusy flavor of cilantro is a must in Mexican cuisine. That's why you'll find this pungent herb growing in backyard "salsa gardens." It also plays a lively role in Chinese cooking.

Cooking with Dill Recipes

Popular addition to summer herb gardens, dill lends a distinctive flavor to everything from eggs to pickles.

Mint recipes

Cooking with Mint

The cool, refreshing flavor of mint makes it an ideal herb for beating the summer heat-whether you add it to iced tea or a chocolaty dessert.

Rosemary Recipes Photo

Cooking with Rosemary

Many legends surround rosemary, a pungent herb that has been used for thousands of years.

Cumin Recipe Photo


Cumin is as old as the hills, dating back to 5,000 B.C. Most commonly used in chili powder, Indian curries and Middle Eastern cuisine, cumin has a warm, earthy taste. Its nutty-flavored seeds come in white, amber and black.

Fennel Recipes

Fennel Recipes

Is it an herb or is it a vegetable? In fact, fennel can be both.

Nutmeg Recipes Photo

Get to Know Nutmeg

Sweet and strong, nutmeg has spiced up foods for hundreds of years.

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