"Thyme" for something new? This herb is a favorite of many cooks since its sunny lemony flavor and aroma brighten meals year-round.

Thyme is an easy-to-grow short plant with tiny gray-green leaves and small purple flowers. It can be used fresh or dried in a variety of recipes.

Trying Out Thyme

Prepare one of these reader recipes (pictured at right) featuring this herb…and you'll find it's "thyme" well-spent, indeed!

"Thyme is one of my favorite herbs to grow," reports field editor Jennie Freeman of Long Creek, Oregon. "Thyme adds a fresh spark to my hearty Thyme for Meatball Soup."

"Honeybees like to build their hives near fields of thyme," explains Eleanor Davis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "These lovely Honey Cloverleaf Rolls include both honey and thyme."

"Dijon mustard and thyme give breaded chicken a tasty new twist," says Galen Stanley of St. Charles, Missouri. "The meat is moist and tender in my Dijon Thyme Chicken."