Goulash Recipe Photo

Goulash Recipe Photo

Paprika gives a boost to all sorts of savory dishes as a seasoning or garnish. The red-tinted powdery condiment is made by grinding dried aromatic sweet red peppers.

The color and flavor of paprika depend on the peppers used. It can range from bright orange-red to deep red…and from mild to pungent and hot.

Most paprika comes from Spain, South America, California and Hungary. Mild sweet Spanish paprika gives French dressing its vibrant tone.

Paprika should be stored in a cool dark place for no more than 6 months.

Paprika Recipes You'll Love

"I keep a shaker of paprika handy and sprinkle it on any dish that needs some color," says Carol Gaus of Itasca, Illinois. "It's nice on garlic toast, dumplings, creamy casseroles and deviled eggs." You can also try paprika in these specialties.

"In Paprika Salad Dressing you can really taste the Zippy paprika," says Sharon Nichols of Brooking, South Dakota.

"Chives, parsley and paprika delicately season Rosy Potato Soup its distinctive taste," shares Holly Youngers of Cunningham, Kansas.

"With tender beef and a rich flavorful sauce, Hungarian Goulash (pictured above right) is an old favorite with my family," says field editor Joan Rose of Langley, British Columbia.

Let compliments be your catch of the day when you serve Baked Parmesan Perch from Carol Gaus of Itasca, Illinois.