Celery Seeds

It takes more than one-half million celery seeds to make a pound. But don't be fooled by the size of this tiny seasoning! Its strong, somewhat bitter flavor really packs a punch.

To get the best flavor from the seeds, you should buy them whole, not ground. Once ground, the flavor deteriorates more quickly. And because the seeds are so small, you might not need to grind them anyway.

Celery seed's pungent taste complements tomato and vegetable juices…as well as soups, stews, pickles, salad dressings, fish, eggs, chicken, and savory breads and biscuits. Remember, however, to use your celery seed sparingly, or it will overpower the food.

Like other spices, the seeds should be stored in an airtight container away from heat, light and humidity.

Enjoy the spark that celery seed gives to these three recipes (pictured below).

Celery Seed Recipes Photo

A sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, sprinkled with celery seed, coats these tender Country-Style Grilled Ribs. Chili powder and hot pepper sauce contribute to the zesty flavor of this recipe, submitted by Marilyn Beerman of Worthington, Ohio.

From Branchville, New Jersey, field editor Grace Yaskovic shares this fresh-tasting Celery Seed Potato Salad seasoned with onion and celery seed. The mayonnaise dressing gets its sweetness from sugar and whipping cream, and its tang from mustard and sugar.

This crisp refreshing Onion Cucumber Salad is flavored with green pepper and a sprinkling of celery seed, then drizzled with a slightly sweet vinegar dressing. "I use this recipe over and over," says Mildred Mann of Jeffersonville, Kentucky. "It's especially nice for picnics or other warm-weather get-togethers."