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Taste of Home has published family-favorite recipes from real home cooks like you in our magazines, books and website for more than 20 years. So join the fun and share your best recipes!

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Submit your recipe to the Taste of Home Test Kitchen for a chance to be published in one of our magazines or books. Our editors are looking for recipes in the following categories. (You will need to log in to access the recipe form.)

  • Joy to the Swirl. Wound up tight and full of flavor, these rolled up goodies leave an impression wherever they’re served. Think about shapes like cinnamon buns, swirled breads (both sweet and spicy), spiraled cookies and savory pinwheels. If you make it swirl we’ll give it a whirl!
    Submit swirled recipes

  • Spooky Stews. Create Halloween party-ready soups like pumpkin chowder, Green Goo Pea Soup, Hungarian Ghoul-ash, minestrone with tortellini "eyeballs" or anything with a spider web on top. Bonus points for a clever name!
    Submit Halloween soup, stew & chili recipes

  • Quick Fall Desserts. If your sweet tooth comes on quick, what do you whip up right away? Think sautéed apples with spiced whipped cream or puff pastry squares smothered in ginger-pear compote. What are your speediest fall treats?
    Submit speedy fall dessert recipes

  • Casserole Recipes. If your family's favorite breakfast, appetizer or main dish is made in one big, happy pan, share it with us!
    Submit casserole recipes

  • Whole Grain Recipes. How do you cook with whole grains? We're looking for recipes like barley-squash risotto, corn-crusted chicken strips, oatmeal pancakes and cheesy farro-veggie bake.
    Submit whole grain recipes

  • Saucy Desserts. How do you smother sweets? Brag up your cranberry tres-leches cake, sticky toffee pudding, caramel brownies or cinnamon cheesecake with pear compote.
    Submit saucy dessert recipes

  • Honey Recipes. Get sweet on honey, all day long. Think Honey-Nut Coffee Cake, Drumsticks with Honey BBQ Sauce, Green Salad with Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette and Sweet & Sticky Baklava. Make a buzz and send your honey recipes now.
    Submit honey recipes

  • Potluck Bars. Transform your favorite dessert into bar form for easy sharing. Think Boston cream pie bars, blueberry buckle bars, birthday cake bars. Maybe you can even turn your favorite candy into a new bar creation. The possibilities are endless!
    Submit recipes for potluck bars

  • Light Nights. Dish up your best better-for-you weeknight dinners like chicken veggie rigatoni, curry-pepper shrimp, quick veggie stew or pumpkin sloppy joes. Turn those end-of-summer, early fall vegetables into a great meal that’s healthy too. If it's a smart supper that comes together in 45 minutes or less, we want your recipe.
    Submit recipes for light nights

  • Back to School: Dinners in 30 Minutes. School’s in and families need dinner on the table, fast. Send new favorites that use simple, fresh ingredients and can be on the dinner table in 30 minutes. We’re especially looking for beefy entrees and meatless meals like Moroccan beef tostadas, provolone mushroom strudel and chipotle steak subs. Family-friendly, hot and ready in 30 minutes or less.
    Submit back-to-school dinner recipes

  • Healthy Breakfast Bowls. Piled high with the goodies that let you get through your morning, breakfast bowls are fast, fun and scrumptious. Think slow-cooker apple cinnamon oatmeal, veggie burrito brunch bowls, pumpkin spice breakfast quinoa and farmhouse chicken hash loaded with fresh toppings. Send your one-bowl wonders now!
    Submit breakfast bowl recipes

  • Quick Fix Tailgate Mains. It’s time to gear up for tailgate season with recipes that kick the clock, like chicken and waffle sliders, the ultimate chili dog, and jalapeno popper kabobs! Share your easiest, fastest main dish recipe begging to be served in a stadium lot.
    Submit tailgate recipes

  • Potluck Pull-Aparts. There’s something really fun about reaching in and pulling off a piece of an ooey-gooey goodie. That’s what makes pull-apart appetizers and desserts so appealing. Whether it’s sweet like old-fashioned monkey bread or savory like garlic and cheese, we want your new spin on this finger food favorite.
    Submit potluck pull-apart recipes

  • Sunday Dinner. What's on your Sunday dinner table? Share your recipes and family stories!
    Submit Sunday dinner recipes

  • 30-Minute Meals. Share your special-but-quick 30-minute meals.
    Submit 30-minute meal recipes

  • General Recipe Submission. Have recipes that don't fit the above categories? We want you to share those, too!
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