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How to Use My Savings

You've found a great recipe—now find great savings on the ingredients needed to make that recipe! Here are some easy instructions to help you get the most out of the My Savings feature.

How the My Savings Feature Works

Taste of Home, working in partnership with Grocery Server, has launched a new set of features designed to save you time and money when planning what to cook. Now you can see ingredients that are on sale in your local area right on your favorite recipes! Here's how it works:

  1. Local offers and specials are based on the zip code shown next to the ingredients headline. To update your zip code, click "Change ZIP" to make sure the stores closest to you are selected.
  2. Local offers and specials from retailers near your location will automatically display on the recipe if specials are available. You'll know they are on special because the ingredient copy will change to orange and show the My Savings symbol (an orange dollar sign). When you want to see more about that ingredient offer, simply click on the ingredient.
  3. If you click on the highlighted ingredient, a window will appear that shows you which brands are on sale at which retailer. See a deal you like? Add it your new My Savings list by simply clicking the "Add to My Savings" list button next to the listing you like.
  4. After you're done saving specials to your My Savings list, you can click "My Savings" in the recipe toolbar to go to your full list. From there, you can print those offers or coupons, email them to yourself or share them.

How to Browse Specials and Offers

We have also created a Browse Savings gallery where you can browse and search for items you want to find specials and offers for. Here's how it works:

  1. Local offers and specials are based on the zip code shown just under the navigation. To update your zip code, click "Change ZIP" to make sure the stores closest to you are selected.
  2. The "Browse Savings" tab will automatically return local offers. You can select from our Store or Category drop downs to narrow down what you're browsing. Once you find specials you like, just click "Add to My Savings." You can also share on Facebook or Pinterest by clicking on those icons next to a particular offer.
  3. You can search for specific ingredients on the "Search by Item" tab. For example, if you want to see all of the weekly specials for cereal in your area, simply enter the word "cereal" and click "Find Savings." You can also enter multiple searches at once or use "Quick Searches" off to the right to pre-populate your search list.
  4. Access all your saved specials by clicking on the "My List" tab. From this tab, you can edit or print the specials you have selected.

How to Manage My Savings Feature

Now that you have a bunch of great offers on your My Savings List, we'll give you some tips on how to get the most out of your My Savings List:

  1. No longer want an item on your list? Simply click the "Remove" link next to the item. You can also clear the entire list by clicking the "Clear" link in the upper right corner.
  2. You can re-order the categories on the My Savings List. There is a "traction pad" image at the right end of the bar that contains the name of the category. Hover over it, left click and hold—you have "grabbed" it. Now you can drag and drop the category to a new position on the page.
  3. Local offers and specials always show the date they expire. Once they expire you will see the words "OFFER EXPIRED" and you can select the small magnify glass to see if there are any new offers for the same product.
  4. You can print with images of the local offers or without. Some people like to have the branded images to speed shopping in the grocery aisles. Others prefer to save money on printer ink. It's up to you. Just hit the "Print" button near the top of your My Savings List.
  5. You can email your My Savings List to yourself, spouse, friends or whoever else you want. Just click the "Email" link to the right of the print links. Fill in the simple form. Your My Savings List will be mailed as a link to the addressees.

Coupons FAQs

How do I find coupons?

You may see pertinent coupons while you are looking at the specials associated with a recipe, but you can browse coupons by going to the My Savings section. In the "Browse Savings" tab, select "Printable Coupons" from the Category dropdown.

Why am I asked to install a plug-in called the Coupon Print Activator when I try to print my coupons?

The coupons in the My Specials section come from CouponNetwork, a leading distributor of national coupons. CouponNetwork, like nearly all providers of printable coupons, uses a secure print plug-in to monitor coupon prints. Manufacturers and retailers require secure controls for distribution and printing of their coupons, which can be worth millions of dollars at any given time. The Coupon Print Activator is a small browser plug-in that provides the required security. It also enables high-quality coupon prints that will scan easily at checkout. Installation is a simple, one-time process, allowing future coupons to be printed with no additional downloads.

Can I get the coupons without downloading the Coupon Print Activator?

No. Coupon providers require that users have it before we are allowed to show coupons.

Is the Coupon Print Activator safe to install on my computer?

Yes. The plug-in has been engineered to run seamlessly with Windows and Mac computers using a host of different operating systems and browsers. Some browsers will display a generic warning any time a download is initiated. Simply click “"accept" or "yes" to safely proceed.

What browsers and operating systems are supported for printing?

The Coupon Print Activator supports the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows 2000 when used with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x and above; and Firefox 2.x and above.
  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 when used with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x or 8.x (64bit); Firefox 2.x and above; Chrome 3.x and above; and Safari 4.x and above.
  • Mac OS X and above when used with the following browsers: Safari 2.x and above; Chrome 3.x and above; and Firefox 2.x and above.
  • Coupon printing is not supported under Linux, Unix or Web TV platforms. Beta operating systems and browsers are not supported.

Why didn't my coupons print with my list?

If you've added coupons to your my Savings List, you must print them separately in order to use them at your local store. To print coupons with barcodes, return to the "My Savings List" tab and click the "Print Coupons" link above the first category on your list. You will see a lightbox. Follow the instructions.

Can I print out individual coupons without adding them to my shopping list?

Yes. If you see a result for a coupon as you are browsing or searching deals, you will see a "Print" link. Click it and then follow the instructions.