eMagazines and eBooks 101

The basics of using tablets and eReaders to access Taste of Home publications



eMagazines and eBooks are gaining popularity. At the end of 2010, Amazon announced ebook sales outnumbered sales of hardcover books. They are environmentally friendly, portable and reduce clutter. At Taste of Home, we love that you can have an entire library of books accessible at your fingertips.

Want to learn more about eBooks? Here are the basics.

What are ePublications?

ePublications are digital versions of your favorite books and magazines. They need to be downloaded to a digital device whether it is your computer, a tablet or an eReader.

Where can I get eMagazines?

Taste of Home magazine is available through digital newsstands including for the NOOK Color and Zinio for other eReaders.

Where can I get eBooks?

eBooks can be purchased online through a variety of Web sites, online bookstores and apps. Some of the most popular include,,, Google Books and iTunes. Taste of Home eCookbooks can also be downloaded at

What is a tablet or an eReader?

A tablet is a portable touchscreen personal computer. The preeminent tablet on the market is the Apple iPad, a handheld multi-function device the size of a magazine that supports web browsers, games, video and apps including an ebook app which performs as an eReader. The high-cost and low-battery life are the main disadvantages to a tablet.

An eReader is an electronic device similar to a tablet, but about the size of a paperback book without all the bells and whistles of a tablet. It allows you to read and download books and magazines in a digital format including text and some photos. eReaders generally have an electronic ink display mimicking the look of ink on paper and allowing easier reading in sunlight. Also, eReaders have a longer battery life than tablets.

Some eReader examples include the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Sony eReader and Borders Kobo. Barnes & Noble now also offers a color version of the NOOK—the NOOK Color—which is a hybrid of an eReader and a tablet with a touchscreen.

Tablet vs. eReader

Tablets (i.e. iPad)

  • A full-color LCD touchscreen
  • Applications
  • Streaming audio and video
  • Web browsing
  • E-mail reading capabilities
  • Wi-Fi-capable
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Text to speech
  • Document and productivity software
  • Larger size
  • More flexibility
  • Costly

eReaders (i.e. Kindle, NOOK)

  • eInk display
  • Long battery life
  • Wi-Fi-capable
  • Lighter weight
  • Limited Web browsing
  • PDF reader
  • Text to speech
  • Less expensive

Additional resources: A complete guide for tablets and eBook readers. A good review of all of the eReaders. "How to choose an eReader or tablet for the holidays" breaks down features for the eReaders. Side-by-side comparison chart of all eReaders and their features with pricing.

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