Rub the Salt Out!

Try these salt-free seasoning blends to add healthy flavor to your meal.

Herbal Salt Substitute

Herbal Salt Substitute

You can cut the salt and still enjoy mouth-watering meals. Sprinkle on herbs and spices, squeeze a little lemon juice, or try one of these delicious seasoning blends.

Herbal Salt Substitute

Folks on a low-sodium diet will fall for this Herbal Salt Substitute. It beautifully seasons a variety of foods. —Peggy Key, Grant, Alabama

Salt-Free Seasoning Mix

We're on a low-salt diet, and this Salt-Free Seasoning Mix perks up everything. We especially like it on chicken and pork. —Burva Cadwell, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Mediterranean Herb Rub

Whether you're monitoring your sodium intake or not, you'll want to try this robust Mediterranean Herb Rub on fish, poultry or pork. Or fill a shaker with this savory blend to sprinkle on veggies. This seasoning rub is great, especially on grilled pork chips. —Jacqueline Thompson Graves, Lawrenceville, Georgia