Low Sodium Recipes and Articles

Support and ideas for those with special dietary needs

Spilled salt

Guide to Low-Sodium Dining

Need to reduce salt from your diet? Use these low-sodium charts to guide your selection.

Pear Walnut Chicken

Low-Sodium Entrees

Try one of these reduced-salt dinners tonight!

Double Peanut Bars

Painless Ways to Lose the Salt From Your Diet

Use this chart to see how "real" foods are preferred.

Herbal Salt Substitute

Rub the Salt Out!

Try these salt-free seasoning blends to add healthy flavor to your meal.

Plate full of salt

Salt Terminology

One of the best ways to reduce your sodium consumption is to read labels.

Salt pouring out of cupped hands

Shaking off the Salt

You don't need a diagnosis of high blood pressure to be aware of your salt (sodium) intake.

Sodium Tracker Guide

Use the list below to identify how much sodium are in common breakfast, lunch and dinner foods.

Salty pretzels

Too Salty!

We tend to eat too much salt through consumption of salty processed foods.

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