Healthy Oils

healthy oils

healthy oils

Worried about the fat in oils? You don't have to be. Some oils are better for you than others due to the type of fat they contain. For example, monounsaturated fat is considered to be a healthy fat because it can reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. And, polyunsaturated fats contain essential fatty acids. On the flip side, it's important to avoid trans fats, and you should limit saturated fats.

While it's true that some oils are better for you than others, you don't have to cook with the same two or three every time. Used sparingly, these oils are healthy options:

  • EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, considered the finest olive oil, is low in unhealthy saturated fat, but high in monounsaturated fat, which can help lower bad cholesterol. It brings delicate flavor to salad dressings and sauces.
  • CORN OIL is an odorless oil that's high in healthy polyunsaturated fat. It has a relatively high smoke point, so it won't burn or smoke at hot temperatures.
  • CANOLA OIL is mild in flavor, low in saturated fat, high in monounsaturated fat and has a high smoke point. It's a good option for sauteed dishes.
  • SAFFLOWER OIL has a mild flavor, but it's high in mononsaturated fat and low in saturated fat. It has a very high smoke point, so it's an excellent choice for sauteing stir-fries.