Heart Health Recipes and Articles

Support and ideas for those with special dietary needs

Introducing the Dash-Plus Plan

On the surface, blood pressure is easy to understand: It’s a measure of how easily blood flows through your body. What could be simpler?

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Lose Weight to Lower Blood Pressure

Research shows a strong correlation between hypertension and obesity.

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Love: The Great Healer

British researchers made an interesting discovery in 2004: Love can protect the heart.

So-Healthy Smoothies

Preventing Heart Disease

Heart attacks happen swiftly, usually without warning. What's remarkable is that they are almost entirely preventable.

Food Pyramid

Recommended Daily Intake by Food Pyramid Group

Curious about how many grains, veggies, fruits, fats, milk and proteins you should eat in a day? Use this quick-reference chart.

Spaghetti Pizza Casserole

Recommended Daily Nutrition Guide

Your guide to daily nutrients in chart form.

Reducing Blood Pressure Without Drugs

A growing number of clinical studies attest to the role of lifestyle changes in controlling and reducing blood pressure.

Spilling the Heart-Healthy Beans

Spilling the Heart-Healthy Beans

Looking for a powerhouse food with heart smarts? You'll find it with beans!


Surprising High Blood Pressure Facts

You're not alone. One out of every four American adults has high blood pressure.

Sauteed Spiced Salmon

Take Heart Against Heart Attacks!

A healthy diet can help protect you and your family from America's No. 1 fatal disease.

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