Heart Health Recipes and Articles

Support and ideas for those with special dietary needs

Butter in bowl

Food Pyramid: Fats

Fatty foods should not exceed 33% of the day's calories in a balanced diet.

Unbalanced Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid: Find the Right Balance for You

Most people should eat more starchy foods, more fruit and vegetables, and less fat, meat products and sugary foods.

Fruits and veggies in a basket

Food Pyramid: Fruits and Vegetables

Nutrition experts are unanimous—we would all benefit from eating more fruit and vegetables.


Food Pyramid: Proteins

Lean meat, fish, eggs and vegetarian alternatives provide protein for growth and cell repair, as well as iron to prevent anemia.

Assortment of sugars

Food Pyramid: Sugar

Although many foods naturally contain sugars, health experts recommend that we limit "added" sugars.

Family tree

Getting a Grip on Genes and Heart Disease

Here's how you might deal with five risk factors.

Makeover Mexican Roll-Ups

Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

How to make smart choices at the grocery store

Sketch of blood pressure reading

How to Get an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

"White-coat hypertension" occurs when your blood pressure is high in the doctor's office but normal otherwise.

How to Go Gluten-Free

If you follow a special diet for celiac disease, you know what a chore it can be to rethink your entire way of eating.

Nutrition label

How to Read a Nutrition Label

You can make wise food choices when you rely on the Nutrition Facts included on food labels.

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