Surprising High Blood Pressure Facts

Fact #1

Of those with high blood pressure:

  • 31.6% don’t know they have it
  • 27.4 % control it with medication
  • 26.2% take medication but don't control it
  • 14.6% handle it without medication

Fact #2

Beware. Foods such as olives, bacon, pickles, ketchup, barbecue sauce, smoked salmon and seasoning blends can be high in sodium.

Fact #3

Age matters. One out of every two Americans over 60 have high blood pressure.

Fact #4

90% of older Americans have a lifetime risk of developing high blood pressure.

Fact #5

Among Americans ages 20 to 74, the following have high blood pressure:

  • 25.2% of Caucasian men and 20.5% of Caucasian women
  • 36.7% of African-American men and 36.6% of African American women
  • 24.2% of Hispanic men and 22.4% of Hispanic women.