Eat to Beat Diabetes

Nowadays, the idea of enjoying a little sugar isn't so hard to swallow

Eat to Beat Diabetes

Classic Yellow Cupcakes

A new day has dawned for those with diabetes, and the future is filled with sweet possibilities. That's because sugar is no longer considered the culprit it used to be.

Doctors once solely blamed sugar for increasing glucose and wreaking havoc on the body. Studies later revealed that sugar has the same effect on blood glucose as other carbohydrates.

Today, experts recommend monitoring the total amount of carbs in a meal plan as opposed to focusing on sugar alone.

This means that most diabetics may include a sensible amount of sugar in their diet ... and that's sweet news.

Sugar's Sweeter Twin

Since the rules have relaxed, more diabetics can enjoy the sweet stuff. Some eat small portions of baked goods, and others cut back on sugar by using a sugar substitute.

Today's sugar substitutes are 200 to 600 times sweeter than the real deal, so they can be used on their own in recipes or combined with a pinch of sugar. This is a great benefit because:

  • Using less sugar frees up more carbs in meal plans.
  • Foods made with sugar substitutes can typically be served in larger portions.
  • We turned to artificial sweeteners for the following recipes. They are sure to be sweet sensations in your home.

We turned to artificial sweeteners for the following recipes that are sure to be sweet sensations in your home.

Classic Yellow Cupcakes
Sugar substitute makes these golden cupcakes a wonderfully sweet treat, whether used for dessert or as a fast snack. Light and buttery, the divine bites make a perfect contribution to a spring baby shower or a casual ending to lunch with friends.
—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greendale, Wisconsin

Raspberry Sweet Tea
You only need a handful of ingredients to stir together this refreshing, spring sipper. Its brilliant color and smile-fetching flavor will make a popular thirst quencher as the weather turns warm.
—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greendale, Wisconsin

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