Ultimate Corn Bread

Makeover Ultimate Corn Bread

Makeover Ultimate Corn Bread

We agree with Nita C. who says that her corn bread recipe is out of this world. “I think it’s the tastiest corn bread I’ve ever had,” says the Tacoma, Washington reader. “But as a diabetic and former heart patient, I carefully study all of my recipes, and this one is too high in calories and fat. Maybe you can kick it down a notch.”

The butter in Nita’s specialty increased flavor and kept the bread tender. Realizing that they needed to decrease it, though, our home economists added butter flavoring to keep the taste of the original recipe.

Using honey and sugar substitute meant that the sugar could be decreased, and a reduced-fat baking mix replaced the full-fat version.

With an impressive 71% less cholesterol and 80% less fat, Makeover Ultimate Corn Bread is a heart-smart success. “The makeover bread tastes very good,” Nita writes. “Thank you for making it lighter.”