Silverglade Salad

Our Test Kitchen pros transformed this reader recipe into a trimmed-down dish—without compromising taste!

Makeover Silverglade Salad

Makeover Silverglade Salad

With their leafy greens, salads can trick us into thinking they’re a light menu item. But tasty toppings and dressings can quickly add fat and calories, making some salads far from healthy.

Diann Dinkel of Chandler, Arizona knows this well—her favorite salad has over 400 calories and 37 g of fat per serving!

“I received this recipe from my brother-in-law, and it’s so delicious,” she says. “I frequently prepare it for parties, and people always ask for the recipe. I’m happy to share it, but I feel I’m deceiving them with a salad that’s really not healthy. Can you help me out?”

You bet! Our makeover pros lightened Diann’s salad dramatically by making the following changes:

  • reducing the amount of Swiss and cheddar cheeses and using reduced-fat and fat-free versions
  • swapping vegetable oil for canola oil and replacing some of the oil with water
  • adding only four bacon strips instead of eight
  • substituting honey roasted soy nuts for high-fat honey roasted peanuts

Our experts also used white wine vinegar in place of cider vinegar to give the dressing a flavor boost. They were thrilled with the makeover results, finding the salad kept its key characteristics and delightful taste.

With a few easy alterations, Diann’s salad lost 227 calories, 25 g of fat and 36 mg of cholesterol per serving, turning Makeover Silverglade Salad into a dish she can feel good about sharing.

Tasty Tip: Using shredded cheddar cheese instead of julienned cheese gives the illusion that there’s more cheese on the salad.

Healthy Outlook: To make Makeover Silverglade Salad even more nutritious, use torn fresh spinach leaves in place of the leaf lettuce.