Fiesta Corn Bread

Makeover Fiesta Corn Bread

Makeover Fiesta Corn Bread

When you find a great recipe, it’s hard to change anything about it. So when Jean Irving decided to make over her favorite dish, she turned to us for help. “I love this Fiesta Corn Bread—it’s my most requested recipe and has won blue ribbons at county fairs in three different states,” she writes from Thousand Oaks, California. “But it’s loaded with butter, sugar, cheese and calories. I’m afraid to try to make it lighter myself—could you give it a try?”

We’d love to! Our experts went after the butter first, which weighed in at 3/4 pound. Unsweetened applesauce and a little extra cream-style corn filled in beautifully, letting our pros reduce the butter to 1/4 cup without losing the corn bread’s moist texture. The applesauce and corn also provided enough sweetness for the team to cut the amount of sugar.

Next, the team used two eggs and four egg whites instead of four whole eggs, which reduced cholesterol, fat and calories. Finally, they decreased the amount of cheese, replacing it with a smaller amount of reduced-fat Mexican cheese blend.

The results couldn’t have been better! Every tender piece of Makeover Fiesta Corn Bread is filled with the original’s contest-winning flavor. It’s so delicious, we think our Test Kitchen pros deserve their own blue-ribbon award!