Makeover Summer Squash Casserole

Summer Squash Casserole

Golden, crumb-topped casseroles fresh from the oven are the quintessential image of comfort food. And Lisa E.’s Summer Squash Casserole fits the picture perfectly.

“A friend gave me the recipe,” Lisa writes from Topeka, Kansas. “It’s excellent, but very high in fat and calories. Could you lighten it up without altering the taste too much?”

No problem, Lisa! Crushed saltine crackers, eggs, heavy cream and lots of cheese are the savory side dish’s main culprits. The makeover team began by decreasing the eggs and replacing heavier ingredients with their less-fattening counterparts. The saltine crackers in the casserole were eliminated, and reduced-fat butter-flavored crackers were substituted to replicate the original recipe’s buttery topping.

Garlic was added to boost taste. And the cheese called for in the original was replaced with a smaller amount of more flavorful sharp cheddar cheese.

With the changes, the casserole needed help holding its shape, so flour was added. As a result, Makeover Summer Squash Casserole has 233 fewer calories, 65% less fat and 284 fewer mg of sodium per serving!

After tasting the revised recipe, Lisa happily confirms, “The makeover has the same great flavor as the original, but now I can feel better about fixing it for my family.”