Makeover Patrician Potatoes

Patrician Potatoes

The Thanksgiving table just isn’t complete without a steaming side of mashed potatoes. And for Kathy Fleming’s family in Lisle, Illinois, Patrician Potatoes are a must-have during the holidays.

“I’ve served this fantastic side dish at special meals for years,” writes Kathy. “I get so many requests for it, and would really like to lighten it up for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration.”

Patrician Potatoes are mashed potatoes dressed up with cream cheese, sour cream and butter. The mixture is spread into a baking dish. Kathy dresses it up with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese before popping it into the oven. Although the potatoes come out especially creamy and flavorful, they’re also loaded with fat, calories and cholesterol.

Our makeover team took a straightforward approach and replaced full-fat sour cream and cream cheese with reduced-fat and fat-free versions. To lighten the dish even more, they decreased the amount of butter and Parmesan cheese. The results were excellent!

Makeover Patrician Potatoes have 70 percent less cholesterol and 73 percent fewer grams of fat. Despite the changes, the dish maintains its comforting characteristics, which ensures that this made-lighter version will be a favorite at the Fleming household for years to come.