Corn 'n' Green Bean Bake

This classic Thanksgiving side dish is so good you can serve it year-round!

Makeover Corn 'n' Green Bean Bake

Makeover Corn 'n' Green Bean Bake

What Thanksgiving celebration would be complete without the consummate holiday side dish, green bean casserole? Donna Brockett of Kingfisher, Oklahoma makes one for the ages. Her original is rich and cheesy, but with 28 g of fat and 424 calories per serving, it’s too much for a side dish worthy of seconds…and perhaps thirds. Our makeover team decided to turn Donna’s casserole into a healthier product with the same amazing taste.

To cut sodium, canned corn and beans were replaced with their frozen counterparts; however, the frozen beans didn’t have the right texture, so the testers went back to canned. Using frozen corn alone saved nearly 200 mg of sodium per serving. And they opted for a reduced-sodium, reduced-fat cream of mushroom soup.

Next, sour cream was replaced with a combination of reduced-fat sour cream and plain yogurt. Reduced-fat sour cream is lighter than the original, but it’s still a significant source of fat, calories, saturated fat and cholesterol. Yogurt makes a good substitution for some of the sour cream in this case.

The team tried a reduced-fat cheese, but it didn’t melt as well as they would’ve liked. Instead, they kept the full-fat version, opting for more flavorful sharp cheddar cheese and reducing the amount overall.

Finally, they replaced the margarine with a lesser amount of reduced-fat butter in the topping and decreased the amount of crackers, using their reduced-fat counterpart.

All of the substituting and replacing was worth it. The makeover is 44 percent lower in sodium and a whopping 61 percent lower in fat. Best of all, it tastes great! Makeover Corn ’n’ Green Bean Bake will be a tasty addition to any event year-round.

Healthy Outlook: If you can’t have fresh veggies, consider frozen over canned. We saved nearly 200 mg of sodium per serving in this casserole simply by using frozen corn.