Creamy French Dressing

Makeover Creamy French Dressing

Makeover Creamy French Dressing

A tradition in Monika R.’s home, Creamy French Dressing is an anticipated taste at family get-togethers. “This salad dressing has been a favorite for years,” she writes from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

“We feel it’s too high in fat and sugar, however. Can you help?” asks Monika.

The zesty dressing relies on a substantial amount of oil to give it a silky body and to mellow the acidic ingredients. The Test Kitchen staff removed half of the oil, and replaced it with a cooked combination of cornstarch and water.

After removing 36% of the fat from her submission and cutting back on its sugar, we couldn’t wait to send Monika the recipe for Makeover Creamy French Dressing.

“I am so pleased with the results,” she happily replied. “We all like the new version. Not only was it just as easy to prepare, but it tastes good and is better for us, too.”