Makeover Zucchini Supper

Zucchini Supper

Nothing says “home sweet home” after days of being on the road like the aroma of your favorite comfort food. And for Mandy Anderson’s hard-driving husband, Chris, that food is the hearty, meat-cheese-and-stuffing casserole the East Moline, Illinois couple calls Zucchini Supper.

“I make this so often because my husband loves it so much,” she explains, “but I know it can’t be good for him. Chris works on the road and eats truck-stop food all the time, so I like making his favorite food when he’s home. But at the same time, I’d also like to know that he’s getting at least some nutrition!”

Our makeover pros went to work on Mandy’s original recipe to slash the fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium. First to go was the boxed stuffing mix, which is sky-high in sodium but low on nutrition. Instead, they created a savory homemade stuffing with whole wheat bread cubes, onion, carrot and celery, adding flavor, color, minerals and vitamins in the process.

Next, they “beefed up” Mandy’s recipe by decreasing the amount of pork sausage. They made up the difference with lean ground beef. Other good-for-you tricks they used include:

  • swapping out full-fat meat overall in favor of lean ground beef and reduced-fat pork sausage
  • using egg substitute for eggs
  • replacing full-fat with reduced-fat process cheese
  • eliminating the cheese soup

Mandy’s revised one-dish wonder boasts nearly 60 percent less saturated fat, 199 fewer calories and 46 percent less sodium per serving! But Makeover Zucchini Supper is more colorful and nutritious than the original. And it still has the cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth flavor Mandy and her husband love.

Mandy serves her casserole with a side salad and crusty French bread for a tasty family meal.