Velvet Shrimp

Makeover Velvet Shrimp

Makeover Velvet Shrimp

“Rich and creamy” describes Vonda N.’s Velvet Shrimp.

“Topped with seafood, a white sauce and cheese, this linguine dish is a fast, easy meal,” Vonda says from Anchorage, Alaska.

After just a forkful of the pasta, the Healthy Cooking staff was determined to capture the flavor of Vonda’s specialty while skimming back on the calories and fat.

A standard serving of pasta is 2 ounces, as opposed to the nearly 3-ounce servings the original recipe called for. As a result, our makeover experts slightly decreased the amount of pasta.

Because half-and-half cream replaced the dish’s heavy whipping cream, flour was added to thicken and stabilize the sauce. We substituted part-skim mozzarella cheese for the Muenster called for in the original recipe. These changes helped decrease the fat in Makeover Velvet Shrimp while offering all of the succulent taste.

The revised entree has 268 fewer calories and 69% less fat per serving than the original recipe. It also cut nearly half the cholesterol and over a fourth of the sodium, but it’s still a seafood delight.