Swiss Chicken Supreme

Makeover Swiss Chicken Supreme

Makeover Swiss Chicken Supreme

Smothered in a thick sauce and topped with buttery cracker crumbs, Swiss Chicken Supreme is a hit whenever Stephanie B. serves it.

“Everyone requests the recipe,” she writes from Kaysville, Utah, “but it’s high in fat and cholesterol. I’ve tried to lighten it up, but I can’t replicate the flavor. Any help would be appreciated.”

Our makeover team started by cutting back on the quantity of sauce in the original recipe and scaling back on the golden topping a bit. These changes lowered the calories and fat, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy our home economists.

Replacing the canned soup with a homemade sauce didn’t work well with this recipe, so the team used a lighter version of the canned soup instead. Stephanie usually mixes the soup with water, but combining it with fat-free milk created a richer sauce with a few more nutrients.

Makeover Swiss Chicken Supreme has all the flavor of the original, even though it has 560 fewer calories, 81% less fat and nearly 75% less sodium.

After trying the makeover recipe, Stephanie reports, “My family barely noticed that anything had been changed. Everyone loved it, and now I can serve it without worrying about the fat and cholesterol. Thanks!”