Makeover Spinach Tuna Casserole

Spinach Tuna Casserole

Oven-fresh casseroles are the stuff families often dream of when the weather turns cold. And Spinach Tuna Casserole from Karla Hamrick of Wapakoneta, Ohio is just one of those classics.

With spinach and tuna, the gooey dish is a hit with Karla’s family. “I adapted the recipe from one I found in another magazine. I stopped making it when I decided to lose weight,” writes Karla. “I’ve lost 80 pounds, but I miss this entree a lot.”

Our home economists set out to give Karla back her yummy recipe in a lighter form. First, they decreased the noodles and increased the tuna to balance the starch and protein. Cutting back on mayonnaise and sour cream and using fat-free and reduced-fat counterparts slashed fat even more.

To make up for the lost mayo and sour cream, they added a white sauce of flour, butter and fat-free milk to help hold the ingredients together and boost the creamy texture. And mixing in more Parmesan cheese gave the remade dish a flavorful boost.

Makeover Spinach Tuna Casserole is a tasty success. Over 80% of the fat has been cut, as well as 327 calories per serving—nearly half of the total! Best of all, it offers the nutrition Karla had hoped for in a family-pleasing meal.