Shrimp Rice Casserole

Shrimp Casserole

Shrimp Casserole

Not only do casseroles offer meal-in-one convenience, but they’re practically guaranteed to satisfy that craving for comfort food we all experience now and again. And Marie R.s' Shrimp Rice Casserole is no exception.

"Served with a salad and wheat rolls, this dish makes a fine dinner," she shares from Lake Charles, Louisiana. "Everyone enjoys this tasty casserole, but I'm concerned about its nutritional values. I'd appreciate it if you could make it over for me."
Our home economists were happy to help!

As is often the case with casserole recipes, Marie's called for plenty of butter and cheese. Our staff reduced both of those ingredients and replaced the full-fat cheese with a lighter variety.

To slash the sodium, they eliminated the canned mushroom soup and created a simple sauce using fresh mushrooms, fat-free milk and a little flour. This decreased the total amount of sodium by 711 milligrams, while adding vitamins and minerals. And to boost the nutrients in Marie's casserole, they used brown rice instead of long grain rice for extra fiber.

Makeover Shrimp Rice Casserole offers all the creamy goodness of Marie's original—but it has only half the calories and sodium and 76% less fat.

We sent the revised recipe to Marie and asked her to try it. She was quick to report back, "My husband and I think the makeover casserole is great. My brother thought it was even better than the original!"

TIP: You can easily boost the fiber in casseroles that call for white rice by replacing it with brown rice.

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