Creamy Chicken 'n' Artichokes

This dinner is great for special occasions as well as weeknight suppers.

Makeover Creamy Chicken 'n' Artichokes

Makeover Creamy Chicken 'n' Artichokes

“Absolutely wonderful” is how Debra H. describes her Creamy Chicken ’n’ Artichokes. “It’s great for company or special family dinners,” she notes from Beaumont, California.

After sampling the artichoke-topped chicken in a lovely wine sauce, our makeover team couldn’t agree more. But they wanted to capture the original’s flavor in a lighter form.

Since the recipe called for just a few ingredients, lightening it was a straightforward task. The team began by decreasing the overall amount of butter, browning the chicken in just 1 tablespoon instead of 2. They also felt that the original sauce was rich and flavorful enough without adding extra butter, so they eliminated it in the makeover’s sauce.

Substituting half-and-half cream for heavy whipping cream made the sauce even more calorie-conscious. To give it a consistency similar to the original, they added flour.

With an unbelievable savings of 68% fat and 220 calories, Makeover Creamy Chicken ’n’ Artichokes is just as decadent as Debra’s favorite dish. Serve it for your next event or family meal. No one will be disappointed!