Chicken Noodle Delight

Makeover Chicken Noodle Delight

Makeover Chicken Noodle Delight

A creamy casserole can make any day better. And, as Gail Schumacher of Berthoud, Colorado knows, it really satisfies on special occasions. “A neighbor made this dish for us when we had our second child,” she writes. “It was so good! After getting the recipe, I realized we’d have to lighten it to enjoy it regularly. Can you help?”

We’d love to! Although the original is comfort food at its best, it’s also high in fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium due to the full-fat dairy products, salt and cream of chicken soup. Here’s how our experts eliminated 27 g of fat and almost 1,000 mg of sodium per serving:

  • Replacing egg noodles with yolk-free noodles.
  • Swapping regular sour cream, cream cheese and butter with reduced-fat versions.
  • Opting for a reduced-fat, reduced-sodium cream of chicken soup.
  • Reducing the amount of table salt and replacing the onion salt with onion powder.
  • Using reduced-fat butter-flavored crackers instead of saltines.

Thanks to a few simple substitutions, Gail and her family can have Makeover Chicken Noodle Delight anytime! It’s so delicious, they’ll never know it’s lighter!