Traditional Cheesecake

Makeover Traditional Cheesecake

Makeover Traditional Cheesecake

For Home Economist Anne Addesso and her large Italian family, the dessert table is a special place at holiday get-togethers. “Topped with Italian cookies, pastries and more, it brings us together for lively conversation and reminiscing,” Anne explains. “My sister-in-law Lisa’s Traditional Cheesecake reminds me of the times we’ve shared.”

The impressive, tall cheesecake is rich and creamy, but not too sweet. “It goes equally well with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine,” Anne assures. The makeover team couldn’t agree more, but they wanted to make the yummy cake a less guilty pleasure.

They began by cutting the crust’s ingredients in half. To prevent the thinner crust from absorbing the filling’s moisture, they substituted confectioners’ sugar for the original recipe’s granulated sugar.

They also cut back on the filling’s sugar and cream cheese, using a combination of reduced-fat cream cheese and 1% cottage cheese puree instead. To help the cheesecake set up, they added some flour.

Though softer than a full-fat cheesecake, Makeover Traditional Cheesecake is a mouth-watering success. With 229 fewer calories and 21 fewer fat grams per serving, it will be a dessert-table favorite for Anne’s family and yours.