Makeover Toffee Crunch Dessert

Toffee Crunch Dessert

A candy-topped treat was Kim B.’s signature dessert, so she took matters into her own hands and lightened it up herself.

From Kingston Mines, Illinois, Kim sent her original recipe for Toffee Crunch Dessert that layered homemade angel food cake with sweetened whipped cream and crushed toffee bars. She also included a trimmed-down version. The home economists were so impressed with her efforts, they made Kim an honorary member of the makeover team.

“Not only is the light dessert just as good as the original, but it’s easier to prepare,” Kim explains. “Instead of baking an angel food cake, I bought a prepared one. I was happy to learn that this saved calories as well as kitchen time.”

Kim once made the custard-like filling from whipped cream and egg yolks, both of which are high in fat and cholesterol. To bring these numbers down, she eliminated the eggs, and replaced the whipped cream with a combination of milk, sugar-free instant pudding and fat-free whipped topping.

Kim should be proud of Makeover Toffee Crunch Dessert. She cut 90% of the fat from her original recipe and all but 1 milligram of cholesterol. More than half the calories and 43% of the sugar are gone as well. Way to go, Kim!