Makeover Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

You can’t beat a good coffee cake. And Janice Kuhlmann’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake is just that. With a delightful, tender interior and a slightly crunchy crust, it has lovely lemon, almond and walnut flavors.

However, the Stafford Springs, Connecticut reader thought the original sweet was high in fat and calories, so she decided to give the makeover process a try. And, wow, did she succeed! As she writes, “I’d like to share with you and all of the readers a wonderful makeover recipe.”

With some smart substitutions and decisions, Janice earned an honorary spot on our makeover team. She began by halving the original recipe’s butter and swapped egg whites for some of the whole eggs. To make up for the loss in tenderness and richness in the makeover, she added extra reduced-fat sour cream. And, to cut back on fat and calories, she decreased the walnuts, opting to toast a smaller amount in order to maintain the nutty taste.

Janice’s Makeover Sour Cream Coffee Cake is a delectable success! She cut half or more of the fat, saturated fat and cholesterol and saved more than 100 calories per serving. Best of all, the changes didn’t cause her to lose one bit of the scrumptious taste that really makes this treat take the cake!