Italian Cream Cake

Makeover Italian Cream Cake

Makeover Italian Cream Cake

Sweet cream cheese frostings served atop tender cakes make luscious desserts. And Joanne B.’s take on classic Italian Cream Cake is a perfect example. The moist treat from the Austin, Texas cook features a hint of coconut and nutty pecans.

But with all of the butter, shortening and sugar, Joanne’s favorite cake is not at all light. “Could you make over this wonderful recipe?” she asks.

You bet, Joanne! After just one bite, the L&T staff was determined to keep the original’s delectable flavor and creamy frosting while cutting back on calories, fat and cholesterol.

They tackled the cake first by replacing shortening, which is high in trans fat, with unsweetened applesauce. They also decreased the egg yolks and cut back on coconut and chopped pecans. Though the frosting was definitely rich and sugary, the makeover team felt it was a bit too sweet, so they decreased the amount of confectioners’ sugar. To trim the fat even more, they replaced the cream cheese with the reduced-fat version.

Makeover Italian Cream Cake boasts a huge savings in calories without a noticeable difference in taste. With nearly half the fat, lowered trans fat and 34% less cholesterol per serving, it will be a healthier happy ending to any meal.