German Sweet Chocolate Cake

Makeover German Sweet Chocolate Cake

Makeover German Sweet Chocolate Cake

“This delicious German Sweet Chocolate Cake is from my aunt,” Patricia Peebles of Springfield, Missouri writes. “It’s delicious, but my sister and I have adopted healthier lifestyles. Can you trim it down?”

We sure can! This mouth-watering dessert has three chocolaty cake layers and a coconut-pecan frosting, making it a triple threat to your waistline. But thanks to our experts, you can enjoy a slice worry-free! The makeover team:

  • Replaced a portion of the butter with prune baby food.
  • Reduced the sugar and opted for a sugar blend to cut calories.
  • Used two egg yolks instead of four.
  • Decreased the German sweet chocolate and added cocoa to maintain the chocolate flavor with less calories and fat.
Our tasting panel couldn’t believe how closely Makeover German Sweet Chocolate Cake mimicked the original’s scrumptious flavor. And, at just under half the fat and 40 percent fewer calories, this cake will amaze you, too!