Makeover French Silk Pie

French Silk Pie

At gatherings, time-honored special desserts can quickly become part of a family’s expectations. But as those at the table grow older, some cooks worry that their luscious traditions might not fit into everyone’s special diet needs.

Cindy Evanoff of Louisville, Ohio was as determined to please her family as she was to end heavy holiday meals on a lighter note. So she wrote our Test Kitchen for help in slimming down her family’s favorite dessert—her buttery, full-bodied, melt-in-your mouth, chocolaty French Silk Pie. And in the spirit of the season, how could we possibly refuse?

We began by using a similar method and ingredients…just lighter versions and fewer of them. The flavor wasn’t bad, but the texture was too thin when it needed to be firm, tender and filling. We soon realized that this recipe would call for a completely reformulated approach.

So we tried and tried again. Some 10 attempts later, we finally hit the jackpot! How? We decreased the butter and sugar, used only egg yolks and fewer of them and added fat-free milk, whipped topping, gelatin and cornstarch.

We ended up with a chocolaty, smooth and creamy dream of a makeover that mimics Cindy’s original recipe in everything but calories, fat and cholesterol! Even our taste-testing panel had a hard time believing this makeover, with nearly 200 fewer calories per serving and half the fat and saturated fat, wasn’t the original.

Bite into a piece of our Makeover French Silk Pie, and we think you’ll agree: This is one delectable dessert family members of all ages can celebrate!

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