Easy Apple Cake

Easy Apple Cake

Flavored with cinnamon and apples, Sherry Ashenfelter’s old-fashioned apple cake is moist and delicious. Even better, it’s quick to make and has been a family favorite in Waterville, Ohio for decades.

But Sherry started wondering how to make that special cake even better. “It can’t be low in calories with a full cup of vegetable oil,” she decided. “Besides using a sugar substitute, is there something else we can do to improve nutrition and make it better for my family?”

  • First, the team decreased the cup of oil to 1/4 cup, replacing some with applesauce.
  • Next, they cut the amount of walnuts in half and toasted them for flavor.
  • The sugar was decreased, and some was replaced with a sugar blend for baking.
  • Adding ground flaxseed to the batter also added healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber to the cake.
  • And to top things off? Reduced-fat whipped topping instead of whipped cream or frozen custard.

The resulting Makeover Easy Apple Cake has less than half the original’s fat and a good third fewer calories, plus added fiber! Even better, it’s still a great-tasting treat or a late-afternoon pick-me-up with coffee or tea.

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