Crumb-Topped Chocolate Cake

You'll never guess this chocolate cake is light!

Makeover Crumb-Topped Chocolate Cake

Makeover Crumb-Topped Chocolate Cake

Wish you could have your favorite cake and eat it, too? That’s what reader Sharon Anderson of Lyons, Illinois requested. Sharon’s favorite cake is a completely decadent chocolate wonder that’s heavenly on the tongue, but murder on the thighs. So our pros came in with some tips on lightening up even the most indulgent cakes.

In this particular cake, we:

  • Reduced the butter and replaced some of it with unsweetened applesauce. Applesauce blends with many flavors well, and it also helps to keep low-fat baked goods tender.
  • Replaced half of the all-purpose flour with cake flour, which also helps keep the cake tender.
  • Reduced the amount of walnuts.
  • Cut back on chocolate chips.
  • Replaced melted chocolate chips with baking cocoa in the batter, which trimmed fat while adding extra chocolate flavor.
  • Decreased the sugar by over one-third without losing all of the wonderful sweetness.
  • Chose reduced-fat whipped topping instead of sweetened whipped cream.

With all the changes, Makeover Crumb-Topped Chocolate Cake is still a winner. In fact, it’s very sweet and chocolaty, with about half the fat!