Crumb Coffee Cake

Makeover Crumb Coffee Cake

Sweet success is sure to be had when you prepare Valma D.’s Crumb Coffee Cake. “The recipe is delightful,” writes the Kennewick, Washington reader, “but I’d like to see it made over.”

White icing, a crumb topping and a filling of nuts, brown sugar and cinnamon make Valma’s specialty tough to beat…but that didn’t stop our home economists. They replaced some of the butter with canola oil and unsweetened applesauce. Butter flavoring was then added to reflect the buttery taste of Valma’s original cake.

Instead of using a basic sugar substitute to replace all of the sugar, our makeover experts replaced half the sugar with the appropriate amount of a sugar blend made for baking. Such blends replicate the volume, structure and browning aspects of real sugar better than traditional sugar substitutes.

Using low-fat ingredients and less icing also helped the Healthy Cooking Test Kitchen staff cut 60% of the saturated fat from Makeover Crumb Coffee Cake. They cut 113 calories from each serving as well as 43% of the cholesterol. Serve the delectable cake the next time you have friends over for coffee. No one will be disappointed.

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