Makeover Coconut Supreme Torte

Coconut Supreme Torte

Heavenly cakes are a hallmark of dessert time, and Coconut Supreme Torte is no exception. The coconut-flavored, three-layer treat features a creamy frosting. “My neighbor made the scrumptious cake and gave me the recipe,” relates Vernelle L. of Upland, California. “Could you adjust it so the cake is just as delicious but with fewer calories?”

No problem, Vernelle! Part of the cake’s no-fuss appeal is that it starts with a mix. As such, our staff members began by lightening up the ingredients that are added to the mix. Egg whites replaced whole eggs and applesauce was swapped in for the oil.

By toasting the walnuts, our experts were able to both capture the nutty flavor of the original cake and halve the amount of nuts called for. They were also able to achieve the flavor and texture of Vernelle’s submission with less coconut and confectioners’ sugar.

These steps resulted in an impressive edible that has less than half the fat of the original cake. With nearly 200 calories and 22% of the carbohydrates trimmed from each slice, Makeover Coconut Supreme Torte is as easy on the waistline as it is the taste buds.

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