Healthy Cooking Tips & Techniques

Cooking methods that will lighten up your meals


Broiling has long been a popular cooking technique. It is a very quick way to fix your favorite foods, and the results are tasty and healthy, too.



The popular summertime technique of grilling lends unique flavor to meat, fish, vegetables and fruits without adding fat.


How to Make your Favorite Foods
Fit your Healthy Lifestyle

Try these strategies for lightening up your favorite recipes.

Making Savory Stock

Homemade stock is an effective way to add rich, low-fat flavor to dishes that call for broth.


When using lean cuts of meat, marinades can help add flavor and tenderness… without adding a lot of calories and unhealthy fats.


In addition to popping popcorn, microwave cooking can be a healthy, low-fat way to prepare meats, fish, vegetables and fruit.


Poaching is an especially effective way to cook fish. It almost guarantees that food will turn out moist and tender…with no added fat.


Roasting is one of the easiest techniques for cooking beef, pork, ham, chicken, turkey and vegetables.


Fat-free sauteing relies on liquids to produce results that are just as tasty and healthier for you.

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