Toasted Granola

Our Test Kitchen pros transform reader recipes into healthier dishes without compromising taste.

Makeover Toasted Granola

Makeover Toasted Granola

“I really love the section of your magazine that focuses on making over recipes,” writes Susan Lajeunesse of Colchester, Vermont. “I have a favorite recipe, Toasted Granola, which my family loves. I would like a trimmed-down version we could enjoy anytime.”

Well, Susan, you came to the right place. Our Test Kitchen was on it in a flash, and with some simple changes, they cut half the fat and over a third of the calories from each serving.

But even a straightforward recipe can pose some challenges along the way. Initially, the team members wanted to decrease the sugar, while keeping the granola sweet, and decrease the oil, while keeping the granola crunchy. Substituting naturally sweet bran flakes for some of the oats was the answer. Unlike oats, which need a light coating of oil to become crunchy, bran flakes are crunchy to begin with.

With these changes, the team was able to keep all of the original’s crunch and sweetness in a lighter form for Makeover Toasted Granola.

And that’s good news for Susan and her family. Now they can enjoy this healthier treat in all of their favorite ways. “We sprinkle it over yogurt and ice cream; we eat it with milk like cereal; and we love to eat it right from the container,” Susan says.

And we say, “Enjoy!”