Monterey Quiche

This slimmed-down recipe cuts calories and fat while keeping its classic flavor.

Makeover Monterey Quiche

Makeover Monterey Quiche

Buttery quiches filled with fresh vegetables and a blend of eggs and cheese are ideal for chilly fall days. And Pam P.’s Monterey Quiche is no exception.

The Beachwood, Ohio reader relies on eggs, butter and Monterey Jack cheese to give the dish rich flavor and a light texture. With its creamy goodness and Southwestern flair, it’s no wonder the savory specialty was a hit with our taste-testing panel.

Unfortunately, Pam’s brunch favorite is also high in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. So our home economists rolled up their sleeves and began by replacing some ingredients with their low-fat alternates. They also decreased the amount of butter, eggs and cheese and added sauteed onion and garlic to boost the flavor.

While cutting back on eggs slashed cholesterol, it also robbed the dish of its light texture. The makeover team increased the volume by beating two egg whites until stiff before adding them to the casserole. They also sprinkled some shredded cheese on top to give the lighter version the original’s golden brown look.

Trimmed of 187 calories and 151 mg of cholesterol per serving, Makeover Monterey Quiche has all the comforting taste of Pam’s original. It will be a special brunch dish with fresh fruit on the side.