Appetizer Recipe Makeovers

Favorite appetizer recipes lightened up

Crab Appetizer Mold

This cook from Salt Lake City, Utah knew her recipe was indulgent and turned to us for help.

Creamy Artichoke Dip

An annual party 2 days before Christmas is the perfect chance to start the festivities off right.

Garlic Spinach Balls

When she first tried Garlic Spinach Balls, Amy H. knew she found a new favorite. "They're so tasty that you can't stop at one."

Green Olive Tapenade

A good appetizer can make a party great. But a few minutes munching at the buffet table can also lead to an excess of calories.

Mexican Roll-Ups

It's surprising what a quick substitution or two can do.

Spinach Artichoke Spread

Comforting and creamy are just some of the words that describe Susanne N.'s warm Spinach Artichoke Spread.

Veggie Pizza Squares

Filling, creamy and full-bodied, Veggie Pizza Squares brought oohs and aahs from our tasting panel at first sight.

Video: Bread Bowl

For a change of pace, serve your favorite soup or stew in a bread bowl.

Video: Cherry Tomato Bites

Use a melon baller to scoop pulp for these delicious stuffed Cherry Tomato Bites.

Video: Five Fruit Salsa

Kiwis are at the heart of this zesty five-fruit salsa recipe.

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