Veggie Pizza Squares

Makeover Veggie Pizza Squares

Makeover Veggie Pizza Squares

Filling, creamy and full-bodied, Veggie Pizza Squares brought oohs and aahs from our tasting panel at first sight. Packed with good-for-you cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables, it seems like a veritable nutrition feast.

And the taste is magnificent. Under those fresh veggies, there’s a creamy dill spread atop a buttery crescent roll crust. Deceptively delicious, this pizza appetizer is a combination of healthy vegetables and unhealthy fats. And the fats were a problem for a Mountain View, California reader.

Sandra Shafer is a big fan of the original recipe, which she found in a cookbook. She experimented with trying to lighten it, but after a few tries, she wanted to kick it our way. She asks, “Can you make it less fatty?”

After taking a peek at the original recipe, our makeover team decided they could make it less fatty for sure. They began from the bottom up, with the crescent roll crust. It was an easy transition from full to reduced fat, because reduced-fat crescent rolls are actually comparable in taste to their regular counterpart.

Next, and most complex, was the creamy dill spread. The team didn’t want to use all fat-free cream cheese, for fear they’d lose the original’s richness. So they opted for half reduced-fat cream cheese and half fat-free. Next, they combined the cream cheese with reduced-fat mayonnaise, and instead of heavy cream, they substituted fat-free milk. To bulk up the milk, they added plain yogurt. The resulting mixture was as creamy and thick as the original. And with dill and garlic salt to boost flavor, it tastes terrific!

To help matters, the vegetables were perfect as they were, and they carried enough flavor that the fattening ingredients really weren’t missed at all. The resulting recipe for Makeover Veggie Pizza Squares is not only very tasty, but still just as beautiful as the original. Each square has only 2 grams of saturated fat and boasts an amazing 61 percent decrease in fat overall. Enjoy!