Garlic Spinach Balls

This tried-and-true classic—originally loaded with butter—receives a mouth-watering revamp.

Makeover Garlic Spinach Balls

Makeover Garlic Spinach Balls

When she first tried Garlic Spinach Balls, Amy H. knew she found a new favorite. “They’re so tasty that you can’t stop at one,” shares the Prattville, Alabama reader.

A wonderful side dish as well an appetizer, the buttery bites also proved popular with Amy’s young daughter, Sarah. “She’s a picky eater,” says Amy, “but she loves the spinach balls. They’d be a good way to get Sarah to eat her veggies, but they’re too high in cholesterol. I’m looking for suggestions for how I can make them healthier.”

Perfect timing, Amy. Family cooks will soon be looking for crowd-pleasing hors d’oeuvres and new side dishes to spruce up seasonal get-togethers…and this savory specialty fits both needs.

Our home economists knew that the recipe’s eggs, butter and cheese meant lots of fat and cholesterol. They replaced three of the eggs with egg substitute and reduced the cheese and butter. Because the butter originally added moisture, reduced-sodium broth was added to the makeover recipe to help hold the stuffing mixture together.

Now Amy can serve this favorite with a clear conscience. Makeover Garlic Spinach Balls have all the flavor of the original but with 44% fewer calories. More than half the total fat (and 67% of the saturated fat) was removed, and the cholesterol was reduced by a whopping 72%.